Sunday, December 28, 2008

seasons' greetings

Recent accusations of racism (see previous post) have left me bloodied but unbowed. I've been accused of worse, you'll remember - of homophobia, of clubbing seals (for fun, not fur), of stealing the movie Wimbledon from the Planet DVD on Spalena.

Perhaps I will become more culturally sensitive as a result. Perhaps not. It's a crap shoot, really.

I've been enjoying a very relaxing holiday season during which I've mixed long stretches of reading with short bouts of energetic unpacking and picture hanging. My apartment now has a decidedly split personality - the living room is settled, the bedroom looks like a squat. It's the sort of contrast that occurs frequently along the Czech/German border.

Relaxing as the holidays have been, they haven't been the source of great posting inspiration, so rather than treating you to a condensed version of the plot of The Constant Gardener, I think I'll just wish you all happy holidays!

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