Thursday, October 30, 2008

my right honourable former schoolmate

I went to high school with Canada's new Minister of Natural Resources!

Can you believe it?

We were in the debating club together! We honed the same rhetorical and oratorical skills. She used hers to get elected to parliament and appointed to Cabinet. I use mine to try and convince Americans that Thomas Jefferson was born in New Brunswick. She left her job as CEO of the Toronto Port Authority to run for office. I recently discovered I actually like port. The similarities are almost eerie. I could have been the new Minister of Natural Resources -- EXCEPT THAT I'M NOT A BATSHIT, RIGHT-WING, FEAR-MONGERING HATER OF DEMOCRACY!

Gentle readers, she ran for the CONSERVATIVES. She's part of STEPHEN "I think there are probably some gains to be made in the stock market" HARPER'S government. He HAND-PICKED her to run in her Ontario riding because he didn't trust the riding association to come up with someone who basically owes him her first-born child (or perhaps her second, she has two -- another similarity, I have two cats) and will have to support him in all he does.

Well, I just want you to know, I had nothing to do with this. As president of the debating club (did I mention, I was PRESIDENT of the debating club? I'm not entirely a stranger to high office myself) I always tried to set a good example by NOT being a PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE.

Sadly, my efforts seem to have been in vain. Although actually, it would be worse to have her cite you as an "inspiration," as she did poor Alexa McDonough, one of the highest profile women in Canadian politics (stop yawning!) and the former leader of the New Democrats (those are our "socialists," the zanies who want to "spread the wealth").

I heard the now Minister of Natural Resources interviewed about the dearth of women running in the last Canadian elections (11% of the PC candidates, 19% of the Liberals) and she pointed out that she was from Nova Scotia and had been inspired by Alexa McDonough -- so inspired, she accepted a Cabinet nomination from a man of whom McDonough once said:

"We have a Prime Minister who alone in the world still considers George Bush his political hero."

Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case...


Tycho said...

Well, your paradigm basically still holds up, since as far as i'm aware, you consider W Bush an anti-hero.

pgl said...

You're joking - GWB is considered a political hero by Canadia's PM?

chihuahua lady said...

i like turtles

pgl said...

turtles like you

maire said...

pgl is authorized to speak for the turtle community, so you can take that to the bank!