Monday, July 21, 2008

twas brillig...

If you know how crazy I am about celebrities - the older and deader the better - then you can imagine my joy at discovering LEWIS CARROLL lives in my hood!

Yes, THE Lewis Carroll. Anglican non-minister. Mathematician. Author of Alice in Wonderland. Possible pedophile. And the only way I discovered it is that he found someone's missing cat (SO like him) and put up a poster on the gate to Havlickovy Sady.

The cat, it said, "Was brindl, with white on its wether and neb."

I'm sure it was found gyring and gimbling in the wabe, but there was no room to include it on the poster. Lewis had to nip his poetic tendencies in the bud and give a phone number and address at which the kitty could be collected. And what a frabjous day that will be for its owner!

In celebrity-sighting terms, this is right up there with the time I met the prime minister of Canada and the morning I had brunch at a table near Selma Blair (who shares a last name with the former prime minister of Britain, which used to be the boss of Canada - eerie!)

Watch this space for more dead celebrity sightings!


Tokyo Sexwale said...

I just saw William Pitt the Elder walk by Louvre.

maire said...

you know, i almost pointed out that tokyo sexwale has ALWAYS beat me in the celebrity sighting arena - and in both the living and dead categories.

it all started the day he spotted brezhnev, also walking by the louvre.

i attribute it to his superior celebrity-spotting venue.