Monday, June 9, 2008

Sex ve městě

I went to the Czech premiere of Sex and the City last week and let me tell you, it was FABULOUS. The good people at Palace Cinemas pulled out all the stops to ensure the evening was every bit as glam as the film.

Before entering the theater, we were offered a "welcome" shot of "vodka." Half the glasses contained a brown liquid and half contained a cloudy white liquid and both tasted like air freshener mixed with club soda, but maybe that's what passes for vodka in New York these days, what do I know?

So many buckets of ink have been spilled discussing the film I feel no need to say anything about it other than that it was like watching five episodes of the show one after the other, which I may actually have done on occasion, although never flying high on "vodka."

Some women dressed for the premiere, but it was wall-to-wall Charlottes -- tasteful summer dresses -- no floppy, flower lapel pins or over-sized tam o'shanters or tutus (for those, apparently, I should have hit the Indiana Jones premiere).

After the film, there were subway sandwiches and beer. And then I asked myself, "Are 'Subway' and 'Pilsner Urquell' the labels everyone kept going on about in the movie?" But before I could answer myself, they ran out of beer and it was time to throw away the plastic glass, dust the bread crumbs off my shirt, and return to the workaday world.

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pgl said...

Sounds like another win for Team Czechalyze! Go Team! Those guys rock.